QuickFee - Professional Fee Funding for Accountants & Lawyers
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Solutions for you



The average total lifecycle of not getting paid (over 4 months!)



The average accounts receivable in a professional accounting or law firm (over 2 months!)



Length of time firms have reduced their accounts receivable by using QuickFee

How It Works

Fee Funding
Fee Funding
Firm generates contract and sends to client

Firms generate contracts through our cloud based system by entering the client’s name, address, invoice #s, amount & term. Takes 30 seconds or less!

Contract can be emailed directly out of our online system or attached as a PDF in an email.

Client accepts & QuickFee Approves

Client can accept the contract electronically or print, sign & scan back to firm.

QuickFee receives the signed contract, checks the client’s credit & approves within 24 hours.

QuickFee takes first instalment & firm paid in full!

QuickFee debits the client’s nominated account for the first instalment on the selected commencement date.

Within 3 days of a successful first debit, QuickFee settles the full amount into the firm’s nominated account!

Payment Portal
Payment Portal

Our proprietary online payment portal (QSOP) allows your clients to pay you how they want and when they want. Our software integrates both our fee funding solution with credit EFT and card payments making it easier to get paid quicker.


QuickFee has a funding product specifically to fund the costs of setting up a SMSF bare trust borrowing arrangement.

The client can set up their SMSF (including two corporate trustees, SMSF deed and bare trust deed) and gearing structure with the firm being paid upfront. This bridges the gap until the rollover is received.

Why it works

Win more work

Start work today and get paid in full. QuickFee handles payment collection with your client.

Increase Revenue

Fast paying invoices means improved cashflow and increased revenue.

Clients stay happy

Offer your client a simple monthly instalment plan that works with their budget.

What our clients say

“QuickFee has been our preferred source of finance for certain clients who need assistance to pay our fees. They are fast and efficient in all dealings, and have shown flexibility even with clients who needed to change their arrangements along the way”

QuickFee Client - Pitcher Partners Logo

“QuickFee has been a great solution and easily implemented into our collections process. Staff are helpful, knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. Also, most importantly our clients have been pleased with QuickFee. They love how easy the application process is.”


“QuickFee has allowed our firm to add value to client relationships by offering a flexible payment arrangement. It separates delivering quality service to clients from the payment and collection.”


What you may be thinking

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